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KONTROLMAG.COM is now offering a chance to external journalists and authors to Write Articles for Us Or Submit Guest Posts. If you’re a good journalist and got the experience and skill to create articles and contents professionally than you can be a part of Kontrolmag.com community and can get full credit for your originally written Articles and Contents. You can reach and engage with large global audience worldwide through our website and can provide useful information to our site visitors and readers through your articles and contents which mostly based on Fashion, Beauty, Entertainment, Moms, Business Women, Finance, Gadgets and Lifestyles.

Journalists and Authors can submit their own articles written on any subjects covering any topic related to Fashion, Beauty, Entertainment, Moms, Business Women, Finance, Gadgets, Internet, Social Media, and Lifestyle. You can also Submit Guest Posts articles and Sponsored Posts articles as per your own choice of topics based on any Products and Services. External journalists and authors should strictly follow the following Terms, Conditions, and Guidelines when writing and submit articles and contents at Kontrolmag.com.


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Conditions, Terms, and Guidelines for Articles Submission and Guest Posts:

  1. Guest Post/Article must be original, fresh and unique and have not published elsewhere on the Web and Internet before. We will thoroughly check and review your article and post before publishing it.
  2. We reserve the right to change and modify any part of the content of your article anytime.
  3. The article should be good and high-quality content that can reach the new audience worldwide.
  4. The article must be in English language and grammatically correct. Make sure to review your article with any spell checker tool, so that it avoids any typing error, mistake, misspellings etc.
  5. The article can be based on any information, detail, and review of any product and service, but with correct info after your in-depth research. So don’t try to add any false and negative information or detail of any product and service.
  6. You can place a referral link in your Article and Guest Post but make sure that its relevant to the content.
  7. Your Article and Guest Post should be of minimum 500 to 800 words with optimized images.
  8. Submit your Guest Posts and Articles in Microsoft Word Doc/Docx or Notepad Text format to allow quick modification of it.
  9. Be Unique, Original and Fresh with your content.


Topics for Guest Posts and Articles:

  • Fashion News, Reviews, Updates & Tips.
  • Beauty News, Reviews, Updates & Tips.
  • Information Fashion, Beauty, Business, and Entertainment News and Reviews.
  • Moms, Sex,  Lifestyle and Tech News, Reviews, Updates & Tips.
  • Social Media and Social Networking News and Reviews.
  • Internet and Web News and Updates.
  • Home, Travel, Venues and Food News and Updates.
  • Make Money Online Tips and Tricks.
  • Any-other Information on Beauty and Fashion Related Topics.
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Write Articles for Us Or Submit Guest Posts

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