“Suicide Squad” Cast Shake Up–Tom Hardy OUT, Jake Gyllenhaal IN!

The Suicide Squad movie is experiencing its first shake up! Tom Hardy has reportedly dropped out of the film. Fear not, there is no juicy drama here, it is simply a scheduling conflict. The actor is currently shooting The Revenant, Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu’s frontier drama that also stars Leonardo DiCaprio. Filming is now looking to go longer than initially planned through March. Right after he has to begin promoting, in April,  his other WB film, Mad Max: Fury Road which comes out in May, whereas production for Suicide Squad begins production in April. Tom was cast as “Rick Flagg,” government agent, liaison, and leader of the Suicide Squad gifted with amazing fighting skills. He would have made an awesome Rick Flagg given his build and propensity for action and fighting roles. Fear not! The proverbial phrase, “one monkey don’t stop no show…” applies here.

Fan poster poster of Tom Hardy as "Rick Flagg"
fan poster of Tom Hardy as “Rick Flagg”



Allegedly actor, Jake Gyllenhaal has been tapped to take over Hardy’s role. Jake too would excel at the role and he is probably the better actor of the two. Jake, nor his PR have confirmed his recast, but with production beginning soon it is bound to be confirmed in a matter of days. Thankfully none of the other stars have bowed out. I think we all would have been devastated not to see Will Smith as “Deadshot” or Jared Leto as “The Joker!” DC Comics are really bringing their A-game to movie theaters n 2016. Let’s just hope this movie measure up to all the hype. After all it has been rumored the “Astonishing Avengers” is Marvel’s answer to this merry team of anti-heroes! We will keep you posted!


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