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Suit Supply Releases Their Fall/Winter ’16 Collection

Suit Supply Releases Their Fall/Winter ’16 Collection


If you know suits, then you know Suit Supply, if you’ve ever wanted a suit that didn’t have to cost you more than $1000, then you know Suit Supply. If you’ve ever been to New York Fashion Week, then you know Suit Supply. Therefore this introduction is for those who don’t fall under any of those umbrellas I just mentioned. I visited the Suit Supply store in Soho awhile back when my little brother got a custom suit for his prom, and it was there that I witnessed an operation so in tune with its customer that it surprised me. We went from trying on about five or six suits, to finding the one he liked, to getting it tailored, and picking it up all in the same day. An experience that I just laid out for you tends to be pretty unheard of.Screen Shot 2016-08-29 at 4.01.18 AM

I’m sure you’re wondering what does a rocket have anything to do with a suit? At that moment, you must find it in yourself to think deeper and expand your mind. It’s not so much the rocket as it is the precision it takes to craft and operate the rocket. Taking that same concept, it takes a great deal of precision to craft, and wear a suit, and not let the suit wear you. It’s all about that tailoring I mentioned above that Suit Supply supplies its customers with. A suit tailored so perfectly one may wonder just how exactly did that man put it on. Fall is steadily approaching, and it’s time you start to think of your fall wardrobe. Let’s not be those guys who appear in stores on a 40 degree day looking for something to throw on.Screen Shot 2016-08-29 at 4.00.42 AM

This is the time of the year most people look forward to, the few months you can layer without exactly needing an overcoat, unless your fall weather feels more like winter. Within this collection you find all the pieces you need to amplify your look. From light wool trousers, to scarfs, topcoats, exceptional knit sweaters, and more. Sir, it’s okay to take notes. I’m only here to educate, and in a perfect world a good education brings success so continue this journey with me over to the Suit Supply website here http://us.suitsupply.com, and teach yourself a few things or continue taking those notes I just mentioned. These images are your how to guide. Not how to build a rocket, but how to emulate one in human form. Thank me Later!



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