Summer BBQ Essentials: Whats the 411?

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Ok people the sun is blazing and the good times are here to stay! Let’s fire up the grill and enjoy some great food that will warm your spirits and of course your stomach! Who does not enjoy a great outdoor activity such as a BBQ? The baked beans, ribs, salads, and most imp0rtantly the laughs, can make the event long lasting. When hosting a BBQ, it is important to remember that half the battle is already won. Don’t spend most of your time hovering over the heat cooking! Take the time and do some of the work the night before. For example, clean and season all the meat the night before. Not only would it help tenderize the meat, but it ensures the flavor goes through each pore of the meat. No one wants bland grill food. I know I don’t! When I host a BBQ, I always make my famous Shrimp Pasta Salad the night before. This helps lock the freshness in and it also taste better cold.


Here is another great tip when hosting a BBQ. Invite friends over that you know would not have an issue helping out. Whether its cleaning, or relieving others for a break, friends who do not mind getting their hands dirty is always a great asset to have during summer time fun. So lets gear up for a summer full of yumtastic food, fun and most importantly friends!

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