Summer Beauty Must Haves

Written by: LaToya Sims

Even though June 21st is the first official day of summer, after Memorial Day it’s pretty much declared summertime.
Before you step out in the hot sun, when it comes to makeup, remember less is more. Here are some beauty essentials you must have this summer.

1. Waterproof Mascara
Avoid all those heavy eye shadows and running mascaras. Instead opt for a Waterproof mascara, like Covergirl’s LashBlast Fusion ($7.29 at local drug stores). Eyeliner isn’t necessary, if you can’t live without, I suggest a liquid liner.
2. Bronzer & Blush
Leave the foundation at home. If you’re going out to the beach or even to the club, a good bronzer and a hint of blush on the cheek will do. Let your natural skin glow!

3. Lips
Lipstick can still work during the summer but make sure it has a balm to keep your lips moisturized. Lip gloss can be goopy, not really a good look. Go for a nude or neutral gloss if you must.
4. Deodorant
This might be a no brainer to some, but not everyone takes it in consideration. Body mists do not cover up bad B.O. Invest in a good deodorant stick like, Lady Speed Stick Stainguard ($3.49 in drugstores), that will keep you fresh and odor-free all day.


Did we miss anything? Comment below with your summertime beauty essentials.