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Summer no-nos

Summer is officially in full effect. And if you haven’t already seen some summer no-nos then you must not leave your house with your eyes open. There is ratchet and ridiculous behavior going on all over the place and your city is no exception. So let’s be clear about some of the things we don’t want to see especially with the weather getting hotter and hotter.

  1. Wonder Woman weave. We don’t want to see your hair so long that it looks like small children swing from it for amusement. When putting weave in your hair be realistic. Everyone can’t and shouldn’t do a Beyonce weave. Heck if she is not performing, Beyonce don’t do a Beyonce weave. So be mindful of your lengths this summer. You don’t need to have 36” extensions in your hair, when it’s only 2” from your scalp.
  2. Talons on your toes and hands. Come on now ladies, we know that it’s great to be in the know when it comes to fashion trends but those talons you calling fingernails, the fake ones at that, are not the business. It doesn’t matter if you paint them the hottest colors of the summer, they look unnatural and we can only imagine how hard it is to scratch without removing layers of skin. So stick to a natural looking nail.
  3. Speaking of nails, can we find something different to do with our nail tips other than French tip? Just asking because if you’ve ever been in a nail salon they do have more than one color to choose from, so jazz it up and do different colors this summer.
  4. Toe nail accessories, unless you are unemployed or can wear flip flops every day of the week, accessories on your toe nails is not a fashion statement, it’s a corn waiting to happen. Fingernail accessories are cute to a degree but when you add rhinestones, mini cars, boats, handbags and other foolishness your feet look like they got into a little girl’s toy chest. Give them toys back to that baby and grow up.
  5. Thick eyebrow application is not cute at all. Please stop looking like Oscar the Grouch’s baby sister with the added penciling of your eyebrows. Use moderation when you fill in your eyebrow because the last thing you want is for the summer heat to get to you and you wipe one of those brows away. Then you will look depressed, almost.
  6. No undergarment in the summer is a flash waiting to happen. First, wear clothes that fit, and if they must fit to your body wear some kind of undergarment to suck and tuck the excess. Even skinny girls need some support, so for the summer head over to the nearest store and buy yourself a support system that will make your clothes look wonderful not clueless.

Please join in on the summer no-nos and give your comments of what you don’t want to see this summer. Remember, together we can reduce or eliminate eyeball abuse from women who don’t properly respect fashion trends.


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