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Super Bowl Conspiracy Theory: Russell Wilson to be MVP Over Marshawn Lynch

Super Bowl Conspiracy Theory: Russell Wilson to be MVP Over Marshawn Lynch


Well we’re fresh off of the heels of Super Bowl XLIX, New England Patriots fans are still boasting, Seattle Seahawks fans are still mourning, but most importantly they’re asking “Why did they opt to pass on the 1-yard line instead of letting Mr. Beast Mode himself run the ball?”

Well, there’s a conspiracy revolving that critical play that’s now floating around.

image image When Russell Wilson’s pass was picked off by Malcolm Butler it left fans of the defending champs’ hearts shattered, and of course after losing the biggest game of the year, there were plenty of questions surrounding Pete Carroll’s judgment.

According to the Bleach Report, there’s a conspiracy theory about that game changing decision that suggests that Pete and the Seahawks franchise wanted Russell Wilson to be seen as the hero and the MVP instead of Marshawn Lynch, who well all know doesn’t really sit too well with the NFL.

The play was surely risky – to have Wilson pass the ball on the 1-yard line instead of giving it to Marshawn so that he could score the potential game winning touchdown seems rather “off”, don’t you think? So to hear this conspiracy theory could either be taken as a joke or could actually be taken seriously.

image We’re not sure if Pete was having a brain fart of sorts and forgot that he has the ‘beast’ on his squad ready to do damage, but to make Wilson the hero and MVP over Marshawn does seem to have a bit of an undertone to it. It’s no secret that Marshawn is probably viewed as defiant and can utterly speak his mind when it comes to NFL rules and regulations – just recently the running back gave a seemingly smart aleck, but very real, comment at a Super Bowl press conference after being forced speak to media stating the same line: “I’m here so I won’t get fined”.

Coincidentally enough, Marshawn was still fined after wearing a Beast Mode hat, which was not regulated and approved by the NFL, so it’s believable that the Seahawks franchise would rather make golden boy Russell Wilson the MVP over Marshawn Lynch, who could have possibly said anything (although I’m sure nothing too bad) during his MVP speech…too bad that didn’t work out for them.

One upset Seattle Seahawks player, who wants to remain anonymous, considered the conspiracy after their loss to the New England Patriots, while sitting in the locker room after the game.

“That’s what it looked like,” the unnamed player said.

Other players also vented their frustrations about that call in the locker room.

“We’ve got Marshawn and we throw it?” – One player stated.

As dumb and absurd as the theory may sound I think it’s still believable. Everything is about politics and the NFL is no different. Did the Seattle Seahawks not want Marshawn to be recognized as the hero, maybe, but you can guarantee that they won’t give him up and continue to make money off of him regardless of how reckless and “defiant” he maybe towards the league and the media. The Seahawks must realize that they have a team full of outspoken players and nothing will change that.

What do you think about the Seahawks epic loss on that pass and the conspiracy theory?
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