The Philadelphia Eagles Soar to First Super Bowl Win

Congratulations to the Philadelphia Eagles. The Eagles brought the city of Philadelphia its first Super Bowl title. Taking the field to Meek Mills, Philly seemed ready to ball. It was apparent that they weren’t going down without a fight. And fight they did.

Super Bowl LII turned out to be everything no one had expected. The underdog Philadelphia Eagles came out Top Dog against the New England Patriots. From the very first snap to the final whistle, this Super Bowl gave us everything. And when it was over, the Eagles had routed the Patriots 41-33.

This was a game that was expected to be one sided. There was almost more excitement about the commercials and performances than the contest itself. But to the disbelief of many, this was a nail bitter. The Philadelphia Eagles literally left it all out on the field.

No one had given Nick Foles and the Philadelphia Eagles a chance. Foles who had taken over late in the season, had a stellar performance. He threw for almost 400 yards, for 3 touchdowns, and 1 receiving touchdown. His efforts earned him not only the Super Bowl, but the Super Bowl MVP as well.

On the other side of the ball was a much different story. Tom Brady and the New England Patriots were hands down the favorite. The Patriots didn’t even take a lead until late in the second half. And even after over 500 yards passing and 3 touchdowns, the Pats still came up short.

Doug Pederson, Eagles Head Coach, could hardly speak. He said to his team, an individual makes a difference, but a team makes a miracle. In only his second year as Head Coach, he stayed aggressive and it paid off. No one had given him or his team a chance. However they didn’t give up or give in.

In a game filled with ups and downs, hearts raced until the final second. Missed field goals, catches or non catches, trick plays, and turnovers, all added to the drama. I don’t think it could have been played out any better. This was definitely one for the record books.

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