“Super Flare!” Superman’s New Super Power & New Look for 2015!

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As if the Man of Steel did not have enough super powers the amazing writers (and I say that sarcastically) at DC Comics have decided to grant him one more. Yep, The Last Son of Krypton has one new superhuman ability and this time around its destructive and costly. In Superman #38, the hero has discovered has the ability to release all the solar energy in his cells at once to create a miniature solar flare that incinerates everything in a quarter mile radius! The cost of this attack is heavy, as Superman is depowered, becoming human like for an entire day until his body can recharge to his “normal” superhuman levels. (By the way, Batman deduced this! Who needs a super flare when you have a super brain!)


Superman’s costume was destroyed in the event, forcing him to done a new costume. As you can see his primary red and royal blue color scheme is intact. His S-Shield and cape remain as well, but it is far less armored than his previous New  52 (the featured image above) look. Also, the got rid of his yellow belt and red undies! Good fashion choice! Tell me below what you think of Superman’s newest ability and costume; and click the link below to see a list of  his traditional powers listed below as well!



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