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“Superfly” Star Trevor Jackson is Mastering Remakes and Career Re-Ups

“Superfly” Star Trevor Jackson is Mastering Remakes and Career Re-Ups

Trevor Jackson as Youngblood Priest and Jason Mitchell as Eddie in “Superfly” Photo credit: Bob Mahoney

Trevor Jackson, a young up-and-coming quadruple-threat, is singing, acting, dancing, and songwriting his way into the hearts of America. His face is one that is easily recognizable, while his talent is undeniable. Excited about the summer release of SuperFly, he spoke to us about his first major lead role.

How did you prepare to bring Youngblood Priest to life?

The main attribute I wanted to focus in on was stillness. Those who are around me know that I am very fidgety and all over the place. I needed Youngblood Priest to be smooth yet commanding; someone who people would fear and know not to disrespect him, but also someone who they’d want to be cool with and emulate.

In the trailer, there is an action scene of you running up the stairs against a hail of bullets. What was that like?

It was crazy! I got to do a lot of my own stunts! It was really loud! The most exciting part was fulfilling childhood dreams of being in the type of action films I watched on TV.

In Burning Sands, you shared the spotlight, but in SuperFly you are the main character. How does that feel?

It feels amazing! I love portraying a leading black male who is intelligent, kick-butt, and even though he’s in a world that seems questionable, he kept his morality. Yes, he’s involved in drugs, but he doesn’t like guns or violence, he just wants to get his business done. I honestly feel like I shared the spotlight with my castmates, though. An actor is nothing without a great cast really giving emotion to bounce off of.

Is there a difference between acting the stage, TV, and film?

On stage, you only get one take. TV and film are very similar; however, on TV there is a limited camera view with limited scenery.

Did Director X bring the culture alive for you?

Absolutely. I travel to Atlanta frequently when working on my music and the city shows me love. I was familiar with the street culture there. X is a dynamic director, he’s a visionary. He gave great advice and direction.

Let’s dive into this hair! Whose idea was that?

It was a conversation between me Joel (Silver) and X. They were pushing curly or a something more natural, but I thought if it was straight, it would be more like the original. Plus, it kind of adds to the superhero look. Straight hair, long jacket, and he always has his boots on, Youngblood Priest had to be over the top.

Trevor Jackson in a promo photo for Superfly

How did it feel working with hot acts like Rick Ross and legendary names like Big Boi?

Big Boi is awesome! He’s a super nice guy. He gave me encouraging feedback on my music, which was such an honor coming from him. Rick Ross was super dope. He did a great job as an actor, and for this to be one of his first acting gigs, he killed it. It was definitely surreal.

Who would be your ideal female co-star? What makes you want to work opposite her?

Emily Blount. I think she’s one of the best female actresses of our generation. Every time I see her in a movie, I feel like she goes over and beyond. Acting from drama to comedy, she shows how talented and versatile she is.

What’s next for you?

A month ago, I dropped my album Rough Drafts, Pt. 1 everywhere music is sold. I was able to write my own songs, direct my own videos, and be very intricately involved in the process. I’ll be releasing more videos from this album, then begin working on the next one.

Written by Carla Dupont


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