Sweat it out and not in the sheets!

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Sometimes a little sweat is good for the body. When we hustle in the gym to keep that waist itty bitty, or jogging down a trail on a sunny day, our body sweats. Sweat is a good way for our body to release toxins and obttain smooth, clean skin. Yes that is correct! If you want to have nice skin thats oh so soft and silky, try sweating some more. Sweat is also a way the body cools itself off when alot of force is being used.  Do you notice when you sweat you feel somewhat cool as well? I know it sounds strange but sweat has the power to do that. Even though you are hot and bothered, your body is really cooling off from all that hot pressurized energy. Talk about taking a “chill” pill!


Now as we sweat, our pores are being swept clean from all the bacteria and waste that is built up in our bodies. Whats a good way to sweat more? Exert more energy in every aspect of your life! I am not just talking about the bedroom but everywhere. For example, I walk alot of places and jog versus driving my car. This is a great way to keep in shape and flatten that tummy! Now sweat it out! Your pores will be elated they are squeaky clean!


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