Sweet Memory Lane! Five Animated Movies EVERY Child Must See!

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Childhood is the sweetest and shortest time of your life. What you learn and remember from these tender and formative years stays with you for a lifetime. We like to think that our parents and families are only influences, but we would think wrong! Daily, children are bombarded by millions of subliminal messages from the media that in their own way influence how they view themselves and the world. Movies are just some of these media images. For this reason we have compiled a list of animated movies every child should see to make those younger years extra nice!

#5. The Lion KingDeath is an unavoidable component of life. For many of us, watching Simba mourn the loss of his father and then use that pain to become the king he was meant to be; was poetic. This film is a true coming of age story with a timeless lesson in responsibility. It is no wonder it remains Disney’s biggest hit to date!


#4. All Dogs Go To Heaven- Pets are member of the family too, enough said! This film is a lesson in redemption as Charlie Barkin goes from hustler to hero in the name of the little girl who loves him. It is never too soon for any child to learn about doing the right thing.


#3. The Princess and The Frog- “Fairy tales can come true…but you gotta make’em happen it all depends on you…” It was Disney’s most independent and self-sufficient princess, Tiana, who taught this fact to children everywhere. Children have to learn that “happily ever after” is a fallacy, but learning to live happily and making something out of nothing, are lessons worth their weight in gold.


#2. How To Train Your Dragon- Dare to be an individual and form your own thoughts and opinions about others! That’s what Hiccup taught us. This Viking version of a wimpy kid dared to question the norm and in return became the master of a new way of life. Children have to learn that it is okay to speak up and have your opinion. It just might make life better for others.


#1. Pinocchio & The Emperor of The Night- This obscure film from the late eighties is a true gem among the many animated films released over the decades. For centuries “the boogeyman” has plagued children everywhere and in this film they learn how to overcome him–with love and freedom. Via The Blue Fairy, Pinocchio learns to face his fears, right his wrongs, and liberate others. The former puppet teaches us that sometimes the only person who can set things right is the one you see in the mirror. All you need is a little courage and freedom in your heart. Check out a song from the film below!

Did I miss any? Comment below with your suggestions!

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