SWV’s Coko Comes for K. Michelle After Her BET Performance, K. Michelle Answers with a Clapback

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It seems like everyone isn’t totally satisfied with the epic makeup performance from Tamar Braxton and K. Michelle during this past weekend’s BET Awards.


Twitter hit hard with comments about the performance and how there should’ve been two other singers that should’ve sang that song with Ms. Patti LaBelle – KeKe Wyatt or Coko from the 90s group, SWV.

Coko wasn’t so happy with the performance and retweeted comments from fans who shut down K. Michelle and Tamar’s performance.

Of course, we all know that K. can’t just let this go unscathed so she had a clapback for Coko and shut it down real quick – in an appropriate yet authoritative type of way.

So much for love and unity, people always find a way to complain about something even when it’s a gesture that’s supposed to support love.

Check out the comments and K. Michelle’s clapback below:





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