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T.K. Kravitz: The Reintroduction

T.K. Kravitz: The Reintroduction

T.K. Kravitz

It seems to be that anyone ordained with the surname, Kravitz, is unbelievably talented. Think Lenny and his daughter, Zoe. Now, think T.K. Kravitz, a former member of the trendsetting rap duo, TK-N-Cash. The Augusta native recently opened up to Kontrol about his new solo status, his creative process, and the advice from 2 Chainz that keeps him going. After parting ways with one of Atlanta’s most promising rap duos, T.K. is ready to make his own claim to fame.

“I’m always moving as my own individual, whether I’m in the studio, or on stage. So, the transition wasn’t hard. It just takes time for people to catch on. And I’m alright with that because I’m comfortable in my artistry, and I’m down for the ride.”

From the outside, T.K Kravitz appears to be a laid-back guy with a rock star persona. But don’t get it twisted, behind the mic, the 24-year-old Augusta native is the epitome of Sade’s smooth operator. The former military brat attributes his singular sound to a variety of cultural influences that he was able to experience growing up. He grew up a military brat, and had an opportunity to live in places like Hawaii, Panama, California, and Seattle, absorbing a bit of local influence from each region.

With such a diverse background, it’s no surprise that his own musical influences are so wide-ranging. T.K. credits two of Brooklyn’s very finest, Biggie Smalls and Jay-Z, as artists who inspire him. He also acknowledges the man that made thug life, a way of life, Tupac Shakur, as well as the woman who warned us about that thing, Lauryn Hill. Because of the many musical pioneers that paved the way, and considering his expressive individuality, T.K. isn’t afraid to step out on his own. He believes that his art is vital, and he intends to deliver.

T.K. Kravitz

“Keep your foot on their necks.”

Far from a rookie, T.K. is quite familiar with the ins and outs of the industry. Perhaps, having a mogul and rap genius as a friend can increase a person’s familiarity of such a complex industry. Rapper, 2 Chainz, has mentored T.K. since the early stages of his career, lending advice, and continuous encouragement every step of the way. When asked, what’s the best advice 2 Chainz has given him, T.K. said, “Keep your foot on their necks. Not everyone gets the window of opportunity. Once you get it, you have to go. You have to put your foot on the gas.” Judging by the popularity of his latest single “Space”, T.K. is smashing the gas, and doesn’t plan on looking back.

“The microphone is my therapy. At the end of the song, I listen back, like dang, that’s what I was going through.”

 Like most rappers, T.K.’s safe haven is a dimly lit, 4X4 room with a stainless-steel microphone. In the studio, his creativity stems from several things. Sometimes it’s the people surrounding him, or whatever unforeseen circumstances life has sent his way. T.K. says his most popular single to date, “Space,” was totally freestyled. It wasn’t until after the song was complete that he realized that what he was experiencing affected him. “I don’t want to sound cliché, but I don’t write. So, I’ll get in front of the microphone… I’ll say something, and then think about it, and add on to it like a puzzle. At the end of the song, I’ll look back, and realize what I have gone through. The microphone is my therapy. At the end of the song, I listen back, like dang, that’s what I was going through.”

T.K. Kravitz

“Space,” is the summation of T.K.’s prior relationships. You can love, and appreciate someone with everything in you, but still, need space. Sexton’s angelic voice and girlish charm gives the single that extra umph, assisting its rise to the top of the charts.  It’s no wonder that, T.K. enlisted the help of the bombshell blonde with the killer eyes, and vocals to match. “I seen [sic] her swag, and wanted to give her an opportunity. She’s dope.” Together, the dynamic duo created a record that not only resonates with men, but women as well. According to T.K., Sexton isn’t the only artist he foresees a hit record with. Dreaming big and following through is practice he knows all too well. His aspirations include working with the likes of Drake and Lauryn Hill.

“Being real should come natural. You shouldn’t have to learn how to be genuine. It should come natural.”

 While most rappers use the word “real” as a subject, verb, and predicate, T.K. says being real is a way of life. “I’m definitely transparent. I’m definitely passionate about everything i’m doing. Everything you hear me speak about is real life. It’s coming directly from me.” His latest project, T.K. Kravitz 2.0, is the embodiment of real life. His favorite track on the project, “Natural,” addresses the subject of authenticity. T.K. believes that “being real should come natural. You shouldn’t have to learn how to be genuine. It should come natural.”

 “He made amazing music. He was passionate. He stayed true to himself and he took care of his family.”

 When the bassline fades and the lights dim on stage, every musician wants to be adorned for their talents. They want to be remembered for the days they made you feel something. When asked how he’d ultimately like to be remembered as an artist, his response is reflective and unaffected.

Kontrol: When it’s all said and done, what do you want your legacy to be?

T.K.: “He made amazing music. He was passionate. He stayed true to himself and he took care of his family.”

Patience is a virtue, but in terms of music, that adage is pretty much revoked. In reference to his latest project, T.K. Kravitz 2.0, T.K. wants fans to, “stay tuned. It’s coming very, very soon.” For more of T.K. Kravitz follow him on Instagram and Twitter.

Instagram: @tkkravitz

Twitter: @tkkravitz


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