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T-Pain Goes Country & Tamera Disses Tia on “THE REAL”

T-Pain Goes Country & Tamera Disses Tia on “THE REAL”

By: Sebastein “@TheGayBestie” Gaudin

The ladies are back today on THE REAL with hit maker T-Pain and taking no mercy on one another. First these sassy chicks are getting the full scoop on what amy T-Pain want to go club hits to switching gears into country music.

Adrienne Bailon’s mom stops by the show and dishes on how she feels when her daughter’s name is in the media for not so nice reasons. Who could honestly forget the recent social media attack the host got by R&B bad boy Chris Brown?

Later on Tamera goes in a tells her true feelings towads her sister Tia. Waste no more time and take a peep for yourself below!


Jeannie Mai:  So T-Pain, My husband got me really big into country music and I heard that you might be breaking into the scene.  Tell us about it?

T-Pain:  Doing a lot of stuff with Luke Bryan.  Just going in with the Peach Pickers: Dallas Davidson, Rhett Akins.  We’re doing a lot of country music flavors.

Tamar Braxton:  Coins, Yes.

Tamera Mowry-Housley:  You mentioned you stepped away from music for the last couple of years.  What can we expect with your new album, “Stoicville, The Phoenix?”

T-Pain: Um, I think ahh.., reality.  I definitely want it to be the album that everybody’s like oh, that’s what he was going through, that’s why he left.  You know just really dealing with the reality and not trying to stay positive all the time.  We’ve got to also be prepared for the negative.


Loni Love:  You talking about getting real?

T-Pain:  Getting real.  A lot of stuff coming from the heart not so much from the brain.  If that makes any sense?

The Real:  It does...

Tamar Braxton:  I’ve got a serious question.  How do you step away from music if that’s who you are?

T-Pain:  You have to step back and look at yourself at all times.  If everybody around you is an a..hole then you may be the a..hole.  So you know you got to step back and look at what you are doing with your life and make sure God is helping you on your way and make sure you are following the instructions.

Adrienne Bailon:  I hear that.  Now you also just dropped “T-Pain Presents Happy Hour: The Greatest Hits,” what would you say is your favorite hit on the album? Because you have so many hits, which one’s your favorite?

T-Pain:  Yeah it’s a lot of hits.  “Drankin’ Patna'” would be my favorite one.  “Drankin’ Patna'” is one of those songs that you go around the country and just look for people to drink with and I think I’ve found a few; but nobody can beat my wife and that’s not even no question.

GIRL CHAT: Adrienne’s Mom, Nilda, Visits “The Real”…

Adrienne’s mom, Nilda, drops by “The Real” for some Girl Chat. She shares how she responds to crazy things she hears about her daughter in the media and what she’s learned from watching the show. The ladies also talk about the “birds and the bees” and Loni breaks down what the phrase really means.



Loni Love: How do you handle things like if she gets talked about? Like we recently had an incident. How did you feel about that?


Nilda:  Your first reaction is you want to get on Instagram or Twitter and respond. You really do. Many times I will actually go on there and write stuff and then I just delete it, you know?  I have to get it out of my system, you know?


Tamar Braxton: At least you have that option.


Nilda: Yeah.  But just knowing who she is and what they’re saying are things that are NOT true.


Loni Love:  You know your baby.


Nilda:  Yes. So you get angry, initially, but then you get over it and say they can say whatever they want, I know who my child is.


Loni Love:  That’s right, that’s right.



Tamar Braxton: Tamera, do you ever wish you were not a twin?


Tamera Mowry-Housley: Yes.


Tamar Braxton: Really?


Tamera Mowry-Housley: Yeah… Sometimes you just want to be your own person, you know? People see you as two people and I had to fight for a really really long time, along with my sister, to tell people that, “You know, we’re individuals.

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