T.I. Speaks on Snoop Dogg’s Apology to Iggy Azalea

If you were tuned into social media last week you probably heard about the shots fired between Snoop Dogg and Iggy Azalea on Instagram and Twitter. What started as a joke when Snoop Dogg posting a comical meme representing Iggy with no makeup quickly turned into a match of celebrity cyber-bullying.

Soon after the Doggfather took to his Instagram for a 15-second apology, referencing a phone conversation with T.I. that ultimately led to him waving the white flag. It’s hard to say whether or not the apology was sincere since it shouldn’t take another grown man to tell you not to spit venom at someone 18 years your junior; however, in a recent interview with MTV News the King of Atlanta reveals that he did not force Snoop to apologize.

“I didn’t ask request or demand for any post to be put up or extend an apology. He did all of that out the kindness and goodness of his own heart.”

Let’s hope there’s some truth to that, because the way Snoop popped off he wasn’t playing any games!

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