Taboos to Avoid for Clear Skin

Most skin care guidelines are quick to tell us what to do to achieve clear and beautiful radiant skin. We might follow them to the down the smallest detail and still end up with acne or the reminder of a dark scar that just won’t go away.  While there are steps to follow to get that skin we dream about, there are also taboos to avoid if you want that glow.



Don’t Pick at Your Face


Some people have this weird obsession of taking their fingers to their face and popping their acne. This is a big no no.  As horrible as it might sound, you’re better off just living with the pimple on your face until it goes away naturally or with the help of a skin astringent.  The only good thing that popping pimples are good for is leaving behind a dark blemish that will last longer than the original pimple.



Don’t Avoid Products With Sun Screen

Unless you look forward to formation lines and wrinkles, avoiding beauty products with sun screen is a huge mistake. Makeup wearers might avoid for many reasons, with the most popular one being that it may leave a white cast on the face, brining our unwanted skin tones. Now, there are beauty products on the market that contain sun screen that eliminate this issue.  If you have moderate exposure to sun just by walking outside you’re good to go with SPF25.  For the outdoor lovers, SPF50 is going to be your go to.



 Don’t Sleep on Dirty Linen


Where you lay your head at night may be the biggest culprit for pimples. Why? Oils from your hair can get onto your pillowcases and sheets–as you toss and turn turn through the night, guess where your face ends? In an oil and bacteria landfill.  Avoid acne by changing your sheets and pillowcases moderately.


Stay away from these taboos and you’ll be in great shape in no time!

Victoria Webster

Beauty Writer

Natural Hair lover and product junkie, Victoria is a beauty writer based in Cleveland, Ohio. As a graduate of Baldwin Wallace University, she has worked with different publications including Cleveland Magazine and The Call and Post Newspapers. She loves all things related to health and beauty. When she's not working, you can catch her looking for new beauty products to try on naturally curly hair or browsing the web for the latest beauty trends and products to feature on her website