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Danielle Elaine
vivica fox, oprah, where are they now, kontrol, children, regrets
At the phenomenal age of 50, and an extremely accomplished career Vivica Fox sat down with Oprah to discuss her only regret. In a segment of her ‘Where are they now?’ series, Oprah interview Vivica fox, on life, love and career.  One highlighting clip of the candid conversation occurred when Oprah asked, “Do you ever... / READ MORE /
meelah, autism, p.r.o.u.d, give it to you, new music
Former lead vocalist for the hit 90’s group 702, Meelah’s got a new single and she’s bringing back old school R&B.  The single ‘Give it to You’ featuring Musiq Soulchild is a melodious, ‘grown and sexy’ track. The R&B Diva of Atlanta flexes her soprano muscles alongside the raspy tenor Musiq, delivering a classical, and... / READ MORE /

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