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Skip Bayless Skip Bayless
Skip Bayless…only Lord Voldemort strikes more fear into people’s hearts.  Like Voldemort, Bayless feels no sympathy for what he does or says.  On “ESPN First Take”, Skip Bayless called Cleveland Browns rookie quarterback Johnny Manziel an alcoholic and a liar.  This comment was in response to reports of Manziel partying before the Cleveland Browns final... / READ MORE /
jimharaugh jimharaugh
One man’s trash is another man’s treasure but it’s rare for someone to throw away a 10-pound bar of gold.  After three years of phenomenal success, the San Francisco 49ers parted ways with Jim Harbaugh this past Sunday.  48 hours later, the University of Michigan hired Jim Harbaugh as their new head coach.  Harbaugh is a... / READ MORE /

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