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Golden Globes Red Carpet 2016 From the comedic host, Ricky Gervais, throwing gut cringing jabs at the rich and famous to the heartfelt speech made by the environmental activist and film star, Leonardo DiCaprio, arrived the most well-dressed stars on the red carpet of the annual, 73rd Golden Globes Awards. Every year, the most decorated... / READ MORE /
    http://www.nbc.com/shades-of-blue/video/shades-of-blue-official-trailer/2932307 Shades of Blue Starring Jennifer Lopez is a MUST WATCH! How does one maintain integrity and enforce the law in a world that respects no border.  Crooked people make and break their own rules, but the good guys are bound to follow the ordinances that were established to protect the citizens.  Well,... / READ MORE /