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Chante Bowser white web Chante Bowser white web
In our youth, we’re introduced into a number of things we have the possibility to grow into and grow up to be. Attorney, and actress on the rise, Chanté Bowser, dug her head into the books, and voice and physique into music, which would soon become the leeway to her greatest passion. In due time,... / READ MORE /
zara store 2015 11.0.0 zara store 2015 11.0.0
From alleged racial profiling to copying artist designs, Zara is no stranger to controversy. The Spanish retail giant has sort of a knack for imitation fashion and this time they got slapped with a massive $5 million USD lawsuit for its alleged “deceptive pricing practices.” This past May, a man by the name of Devin Rose... / READ MORE /

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