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76ers losing 76ers losing
Tanking should not be in the Philadelphia 76ers vernacular.  The Philadelphia 76ers are a proud, championship winning franchise.  Their roster of legendary players include Julius Erving, Allen Iverson, Moses Malone, Wilt Chamberlain, and Charles Barkley.  The 76ers have made great history; they have also made great infamy.  The 1972-1973 Philadelphia 76ers have the dishonor of... / READ MORE /
knicks knicks
There was no miracle on Christmas this year for the New York Knicks. In Madison Square Garden, Washington Wizards point guard John Wall scored 24 points and dished out 12 assists in their 102-91 victory over the Knicks.  The Knicks were in a giving mood all day; giving away free looks at the basket, and... / READ MORE /

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