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Louis Vuitton Les Perfumes
Experience luxury with Louis Vuitton’s Les Perfumes.   The iconic French fashion house has decided to jump into the fragrance market and create a new line of luxurious fragrances for the scent lover. The initial launch includes seven fragrances. Each fragrance has its own unique identity. The nose or creator of the scents is Jacques... / READ MORE /
best madewell bag 244002 1512506182460 best madewell bag 244002 1512506182460
Don’t be dumb and miss out on this purchase. This $130 Madewell Bag has everyone looking. The affordable crossbody bag is trending all over Hollywood. Madwell’s Small Transport Crossbody Bag is not only for your high-end clientele. Thanks to celebrities and socialites Jessica Alba, Lea Michele, and Billie Lourd who sported it first, the $130... / READ MORE /

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