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Maria Borges backstage of Victoria Secret Fashion Show 2016
This is not Maria Borges first rodeo sporting her natural hair on the runway. Borges beautiful skin and body strutted the infamous Victoria Secret runway three times in a row. Maria Borges is a gorgeous Angolan fashion model. It wouldn’t be any secret to why KontrolBeauty made her our Melanin Monday Crush! The model believes you... / READ MORE /
Screen Shot 2016 08 22 at 9.42.49 AM Screen Shot 2016 08 22 at 9.42.49 AM
When discussing beauty what all comes to mind? Should our outer appearance reconcile with what america feels is beautiful? Better yet, should we be patronized or disgruntled if we don’t have the “perfect” appearance. What someone might think is perfect can exclude what imperfections we all may face. From moles to freckles that we cover... / READ MORE /

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