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Monday nights
hit the floor 3 hit the floor 3
Sex, scandal, and sabotage is the name of The Devils’ game in “Behind My Back!” It seemed like everyone was either being exposed or acting on their own agendas to take someone else out. First, Sloane plays “cop” when she confronts Chase about Olivia’s murder. Not surprisingly, he didn’t confess to her murder–but he did… / READ MORE /
Single.Ladies.S02E05 Single.Ladies.S02E05
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Terrance and Raquel bask in the afterglow of their first night together. He makes her waffles in remembrance of their first breakfast together back at the hood diner. Raquel worries about how Keisha is, he assures her she is fine, but furious with Malcolm. She decides to invite Omar and the girls over to hang... / READ MORE /

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