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Omar Hardwick
omar and wife omar and wife
And the “get folks together” award goes to sexy actor Omari Hardwick from Power and Being Mary Jane.  Twitter (as well as myself) was shocked to learn the  eye candy was indeed a married man with a son.  However, their shock turned malicious.  Mean-natured tweets were hurled at his wife calling her “ugly” and someone even... / READ MORE /
POWER Photo Omari Hardwick POWER Photo Omari Hardwick
If you thought Omari Hardwick was just Mary Jane Paul’s pushover addiction/love interest then you would be guilty of typecasting and dead wrong! Mr. Hardwick is flexing his many acting muscles in Starz highly anticipated new series, “Power.” Omar is “James ‘Ghost’ St. Patrick,” a notorious gangster and drug trafficker feared and respected throughout the... / READ MORE /

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