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wiz khalifa
“MADE has always been a great forum for bringing creativity to life”, said Opening Ceremony founders. The artist realm is very diverse, allowing artists of all genres to branch out to other industries. Integrating the fashion and music realm, the MADE Los Angeles 2017 event featured independent fashion brands, designers, and activists.   A cloud... / READ MORE /
https hypebeast.com image 2017 05 ikea frakta bag https hypebeast.com image 2017 05 ikea frakta bag
People are making clothes out of IKEA bags, and we are here for it! IKEA is challenging Fashion’s Do-It-Yourself Culture. This iconic blue tote bag is known everywhere. Some of us probably have one tucked away in a drawer for our next IKEA outing. After years of using this tote to satisfy our shopping needs,... / READ MORE /

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