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Spring 2014
Spring 2014 Jumpsuit Spring 2014 Jumpsuit
Who would ever think that something like a jumpsuit could be worn inside the office? Rachel Zoe did! She talks about how Bianca Jagger’s tuxedo look inspired her to create her own cropped jumpsuit for the spring 2014 line. She dishes out, on the Zoe Report different ways to rock the sleek and very stylish... / READ MORE /
Mesh4 Vera Wang Spring 2014 Mesh4 Vera Wang Spring 2014
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Stepping outside of your fashion bubble into a new way of dressing can be nerve-racking to people that are comfortable with monotonous style. It’s always good to try a modern look. If you are one that isn’t quite daring, start off with a shoe or handbag trend then work your way into the outfit. There... / READ MORE /

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