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  TAMMY Independence Pack Sweepstakes The highly anticipated movie release of “Tammy” that will hit theatres on July 2nd! Actress Melissa McCarthy has proven to be  a comedic force in other movies such as “Hangover III”, “The Heat”, “Identity Thief” and “Bridesmaids”! Well get ready to laugh some more in this summer’s must see comedy... / READ MORE /
Tammy OneSheetPoster Tammy OneSheetPoster
Melissa McCarthy is hands down the funniest comedienne on the planet. Whether she’s a tomboyish bridesmaid, over the top cop, or mom hating psychopath–you have to admit the girl will make your sides split from laughter! Well now Melissa is back and this times she has new persona, “Tammy!” Tammy is your All-American girl who… / READ MORE /

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