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Shrimp Salad Shrimp Salad
Are you in love with pasta? Does carbs grind your gears? Does the idea of chicken, shrimp or any other meat tossed in a creamy alfredo sauce transports your tounge into heaven? Well today you are in luck and your taste buds will be amazed with the flavors that hit your mouth. #Kontrolyourfood with my Shrimp... / READ MORE /
drinking water while exercising 02 drinking water while exercising 02
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Tired of dieting? Are you fed up with working out constantly and not getting those results you crave? Is the scale now a scary thing that you hide from instead of embracing? Well don’t fret anymore! Did you know that you can drink your waistline away? When I say drink your waistline away, I am... / READ MORE /

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