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tea tree oil
Itchy Scalp, Dry, Hair oIl, Dry hair, hair need
Does your itchy scalp make your want to pull your hair out? I must admit, it bothers me so much to see women patting their heads. When I see this, it honestly looks like a case of head abuse! LOL Some may read this and say, HUH? Well, instead of scratching some prefer to pat... / READ MORE /
black woman putting on skin care lotion black woman putting on skin care lotion
The summertime heat is wonderful, but it can wreak havoc on our skin, especially on your face.  We produce a lot of oil in our skin, which cause acne and breakouts to take place. These three simple ingredients will help put up a fight! Who wants to take selfies with zits and blemishes? Not me!... / READ MORE /

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