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OVO x Clarks
OVO Clothing welcomes the OVO x Clark Original Desert Boot as a new arrival. They’ve taken the classic Clarks Original Desert Boot and customized it with OVO’s flare. The new design is very trending and speaks to the creativity that OVO brings. https://vimeo.com/219121618 The stylish boots are handcrafted in Janus Suede and feature OVO designs... / READ MORE /
OVO WOMENS LOOKBOOK 08 kontrol mag e1447897852382 OVO WOMENS LOOKBOOK 08 kontrol mag e1447897852382
Drake takes a stab at women’s fashion by introducing a 2015 Women’s Capsule Collection to the Ovo brand.  The casual collection features basic pieces and sportswear.  The dominant color is black with the occasional white, gold or red accent color.  The collection defines the, “sweatpants, hair tied, chillin with no makeup on.  That’s when you’re the prettiest,... / READ MORE /

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