Take full #Kontrol of your hair with EZ Out Weave! Say good bye to scissors!

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Do you enjoy getting your weave done? Are you the type of girl who lives for Brazilian Body hair down to your butt? Does a sew-in give your hair the ability to grow and become strong yet full of luster? Do you believe your weave should always be on fleek? If you fit the criteria for this mold, then today is going to be one of the best days of your life! EZ Out Weave is a liquid serum that you can apply to the threads of your sew in for easy removal. Are you hearing me?!?! No more cutting the threads of your sew in and worrying if your clipped your own hair. No more sleepless night about how long its going to take your hair to grow back this time. You can throw away your hair infinity pills and take full advantage of this insightful product that actually protects your hair. Not to mention, this product works on any type of sew in, hair, thread, and even if you choose to sew the hair into a cap. EZ Out Weave can break the bond!

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I stumbled across this product one day while I was posting a picture on Instagram. I was flabbergasted about what I experienced via eyes. Apply a couple of drops of EZ Out Weave to the thread and instantly the knot is destroyed. This helps save time in between hair do’s and can really maximize the life of your natural hair.  Pair this powerful product with the EZ Out Weave thread and your options are limitless. Not only does it provide a sense of security for your hair but it actually can restore hair growth. Check out this clip below and let the product do the talking!


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