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Take Kontrol: BLOW


Grab some gum. There are commercials that encourage you to reach for a candy bar when you’re fatigued but trust me you don’t want to do that. Consuming sugar filled candy bars or snacks will only make you crave more sugar and will temporarily satisfy your hunger. Take Kontrol of your appetite by chewing gum instead of getting a sugar high.

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You are constantly presented with unhealthy snacks throughout the day. Your coworkers offer you donuts while you’re at work and commercials hypnotize you to crave the things you don’t need when you’re at home. Gum can help you make wiser decisions and can help improve your eating habits. A little stick of minty goodness can stop you from snacking and overeating.

Kontrol Tip: Chew gum to protect your teeth. Gum can protect your teeth from cavities. Gum keeps you cute and kissable!

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The average candy bar is over 200 calories and is packed with an ungodly amount of sugar. It is understandable to crave sugar when you’re hungry, stressed, and/or experiencing anxiety. Sugar gives you a temporary satisfaction and can take you on an emotional rollercoaster. Sugar highs are followed by crashes and may cause you to experience mood swings. You can avoid a sugar addiction by chewing gum.  Gum can reduce stress and anxiety. Majority of gum regardless of the brand or flavor is sugar free and only 5 calories.

Kontrol To-Go: Sometimes the smallest things can make the biggest difference. Grab a stick of gum after your meal to avoid overeating and late night snacking.

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