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Take Kontrol: Cardio

“I run this ish like cardio.”- Cardi B

*snap snap* Last week we learned the importance of strength training but we can’t forget about cardio. Think of cardio as Jay-Z and lifting weights as Beyonce; they go hand in hand. It’s true, but really I just wanted an excuse to bring up Beyonce. Hey Queen!

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Cardio shakes things up. You do cardio to get your heart pumping and blood flowing. We all know the normal cardio exercises like walking, running, and using the equipment in the gym like the elliptical and stair master.  Those are all great ways to get your cardio in but anyone further along in their fit journey will agree that there is beauty in switching things up. If running is your thing well “Run Forest run!” but that still shouldn’t stop you from trying something new.

Kontrol Tip: Cardio reduces stress. At the very least try going for a walk after encountering a stressful situation or day. Skip happy hour and the additional calories and actually do something that will make you feel better. Who knows you may come up with a solution to what’s bothering you. A walk is the perfect time to think and release negative emotions.

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You can break a sweat from dancing. Explore different types of dancing from salsa to hip hop for aerobic exercise. Switch things up by taking boxing and/or kickboxing class. Instead of screaming at the car in front of you in traffic you can put some gloves on and get to work. Kickboxing is a great way to get frustration out, relieve stress, and tone your body. Let’s take it back one time to the skating rink. If jogging and running isn’t your thing try skating. Skating is a great way to tone your legs and to burn fat. Invite your family and friends out for a night of skating to have some innocent fun and to encourage them to join you in being active.

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