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Take Kontrol: Goin’ Nuts!

Take Kontrol: Goin’ Nuts!


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Put down the candy and grab a handful of nuts. One of the most common reasons people stray on their fitness journey is because they want meals and snacks that are convenient. People don’t want to disrupt their busy schedule or they’re lazy (let’s be honest). Who said quick and easy meals and snacks have to be unhealthy? It is also common for people to say that they go for a sugar filled snack when they need energy. I totally get it but you would be surprised that just a handful of almonds will put some pep in your step.

Kontrol Tip: I love chocolate and when I need my chocolate fix I grab a handful of cocoa roasted almonds. Cocoa roasted almonds are low in sugar and dairy-free.


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The American Heart Association recommends that we eat about four servings of unsalted nuts a week. Eating nuts like cashews, almonds, and flaxseeds benefits heart health and lowers your cholesterol. Add flaxseeds to your breakfast smoothie or oatmeal to add more flavor and nutrients. Nuts contain vitamins, fiber and unsaturated fats and are considered healthy fat. Even though nuts are deemed “good fat” we have to be mindful and portion control. Walnuts and pine nuts are perfect snacks for the weight conscious. Pine nuts are a natural appetite suppressant and release an appetite-suppressing hormone called cholecystokinin. Pine nuts are good for your skin so not only do they help you shed pounds but also help you preserve the pretty. Need I say more?

Kontrol Tip: Nuts are a great pre-workout snack because they increase your energy and help you perform at your best. You can also eat nuts after a workout to build muscle and speed up your recovery.


Photo Credit: Medical News Today

Kontrol To-Go: Almonds and cashews blend perfectly with both sweet and savory dishes. You can add nuts to your salads to add flavor. Remember to portion control!


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