Take Kontrol: Gym Hair Don’t Care!

“Dress like you might run into your worst enemy”- The fabulous mogul and model Kimora Lee Simmons

Kimora’s advice is perfect. We can’t get caught looking crazy! I use to go to the gym with my hair tied up and in baggy clothes until I learned the power of the mirror. I can feel like I’m about to pass out but I’ll walk past a mirror in the gym and get an immediate boost of energy.  “She’s cute today!” We can work hard and still look good..sparkle (sweat) and all. Keeping your hair cute is a must and I know that’s so hard if you are active. I called on the owner of Bee Instyle Hair Studio and my hairstylist Brittany for advice on hairstyles that are fit for fitness. Everyone usually puts their hair in a ponytail but Brittany warns you to wear ponytails at your own risk because they can cause stress in the middle of your scalp. You want to lose weight not your hair! Wigs and braids are perfect hairstyles to avoid tension.

kelly rowland in wig

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Wigs are ideal because the hair is protected by cornrow braiding the hair and putting the wig on top of the braids. The hair is protected from the sun, heat from flat iron, and dryness. It is important when wearing a wig to make sure the braids are lubricated with vitamin E oil.

fitness model in dutch braids hairstyle

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Dutch Braids and Cornrow Braids are great because there is less strain on the hair when doing strenuous work outs. Braids are perfect because they allow you to sweat without the worry of hair frizzing and coming out of place. It is important to oil the hair with vitamin E oil or coconut oil.

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Braids are ideal for natural hair because it allows versatility without the strain of having to do a twist out or style to natural hair every night.

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