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First, let’s lift your worries.

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You will not become swole if you lift weights. Most women run away from weights because they think that lifting will give them huge muscles. The truth is that bodybuilders actually work really hard to get that way. Female bodybuilders live a very strict lifestyle. Their workout plans are intense and they have a strict diet given by nutritionist.  Bodybuilders probably would laugh at you thinking that what you do can get you to where they are. There is a difference in the amount of work and discipline it takes to tone your body vs. becoming a bodybuilder. Our goal is to tone.

Kontrol Tip: Start small. Never use a weight so heavy that it takes force to lift it. You will hurt yourself and it will be a serious pause in your fit journey.

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Taking the time to tone your body is important on your fit journey. You want your body to be tight and right. Take it from me you don’t want to skip the weights and only do cardio. Building muscle is important.  Believe it or not lifting helps you burn fat and will give you the look you thought only came from dieting and cardio.

Kontrol Tip: Have a protein shake or a low-sugar protein bar directly after your workout. Protein after exercise promotes muscle growth and helps your muscles repair.

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Kontrol To-Go: I was totally intimated by the gym for at least the first year of my weight loss journey. I was embarrassed by my size and lack of experience. It is okay if you currently feel the way I felt at one time. Grab a couple of dumbbells and pick up some free weights and skip the machines (that are usually smack-dab in the middle of the gyms) if you don’t feel comfortable. Trust me when I tell you that soon and very soon you will get over it and become more at ease. It’s ok!

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