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Take #kontrol of your plate by eating colors for health!

Take #kontrol of your plate by eating colors for health!

Now that the summer is over and the weather is beginning to drop at night, do not forget that eating right can transcend into the holidays. I know your sexy bikini is packed away for next year, but continue on your path to an healthy oasis. Are you aware that the food we eat everyday can depict what healing properties they possess? Is it possible to heal diseases and other disorders that we face as a community? If you are still puzzled about the question, let me take the time to answer it. The food that we eat not only promotes a healthy body, but the fruit and or vegetable’s color can display what healing property it owns. From the grocery store to our dinner table, the word health is a big staple in our society and the colors of fruits and vegetables can promote a stronger nation.


White: Whether its mushrooms, garlic, spring onions, leeks, parsnips, or cauliflower, these vegetables are great for immune support. Our immune system is critical and much needed especially if you are feeling under the weather.

Green: Dark leafy greens, cucumbers, snap peas, or green grapes are perfect for our body. The color green represents detoxification; allowing our frame to naturally detox and stay regular.


Yellow: Cling peaches, bananas, squash, and yellow bell peppers are essentially to keep our beautiful glow in check. The shade of yellow is the symbol for beauty.

Orange: Even though the color pink represents breast cancer, eating fruits or vegetables that has an orange color is great for cancer prevention. Go ahead! Eat some carrots!


Red: We associate this color with love and its the perfect match for red fruits and veggies. Fresh produce that has a red shade is great for heart health. Some include raspberries, apples, red bell peppers, cranberries, etc.

Purple: In the Bible, this color represented royalty. In our society, purple represents longevity. Eggplant, purple grapes, plums,  and purple cabbage is healthy food to devour to keep our body going.

How colorful is your health?


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