Take Kontrol: STRIP

Who says working out can’t be fun?

pole athlete

Photo Credit: United Pole Artists

It is a new day ladies and gents! You don’t have to spend hours at the gym to gain the body you desire. There are many ways to lose weight and tone but you have to think outside of the box. Keep an open mind and grab a pole! Yes, you read right. Pole dancing is a fun way to whip your body into shape.

Photo Credit: United Pole Artists

Pole dancing has many benefits. Besides making you feel confident and sexy pole dancing is an intense total body workout. It is easy to lose the motivation to exercise if you never change your environment and workout routines. On your journey you can grow weary of the same ol’ same ol’. It is important to switch things up and try something new. You can take a break from the weights by simply taking a pole dancing class. Pole dancing is a killer upper body workout and does wonders for your core. Tired of the treadmill? No worries, pole dancing is great cardio and a fun way to burn calories.

Kontrol Tip: Pole dancing can help you improve your coordination and balance. The turning and twirling that is a part of pole dancing will teach you how to have control.

Photo Credit: United Pole Artists

Don’t be intimated! You may feel your upper body is too weak or struggle with a negative body image but pole dancing is meant to be a good time. No one will shame you. Everyone is concentrating and doing their own thing. Pole dancing class is more like a community of people having fun and exercising. You can attend a class alone or you can invite your friends. Pole dancing is the perfect #GirlsNight.

Kontrol To-Go: The life of a boss can be stressful. Pole dancing is a great way to reduce stress. Have fun! Live a little!