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Taking Care of Your Holiday Home When You Are Not There

Taking Care of Your Holiday Home When You Are Not There

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If you have a second home that you use for the holidays or weekend getaways, then you will know how important it is to have it in good condition. It might sit empty for weeks, so you need to ensure that it won’t suffer any damage or break-ins while you’re away. Maintenance is key as well as the right types of security measures. To take care of your holiday while you’re away, try some of these great ideas.

Don’t Leave Temptations for Pests

When you have friends or family over at your holiday home, there can be a lot of food around. Making sure that all the food and rubbish is correctly dealt with before you go is essential. If you have bins outside your property, then make sure you place all of the trash in there for the refuse company to take away. Avoid leaving bags out of the bin or any rubbish inside the house, or you might attract the attention of pests or rodents. Once you have an infestation, it can be a difficult and costly to rectify, so prevention is best. Before you leave your holiday home to go back home, remove all the food from the refrigerator and cupboards and take them with you or throw them in the trash. You also need to make sure all crumbs or food on the floor is removed.

Cleaning Your Holiday Home

When you first go to your holiday home after a long break, and when you leave, you should make sure everything is clean and tidy. Not only will it make the house feel fresh, but it will also eliminate any food or bacteria that may have been left behind. When you first arrive, you will probably want to open the windows to let fresh air in and dispel and smells that have built-up while it’s been closed. Ensure that the bathroom and toilets are cleaned before you leave and when you come back, to prevent bacteria and also put fresh water in the system.


One of the biggest issues with a holiday home is security; you need to have your home secure while you’re away, so try to install various type of security to keep your home safe. Start with the windows; these should have window locks to prevent them from being forced; some alarm systems will also have sensors to add extra security. Try not to leave the curtains fully open as this will encourage people to look inside. Similarly, you don’t want to close them as this could also make people curious. The front and back door need to be strong enough to cope with someone trying to gain entry to the property. Make sure that you fit doors with a multiple lock system and pins that fit into the frame when the door is closed. Fitting an alarm system to your holiday home is a good idea if you have the funds to do it. It can give you peace of mind that your house is monitored and that someone will come to the house if the alarm is triggered. There are also now other products such as smart cameras that can allow you to see into your home from wherever you are. It needs internet access, but it can give you a reassuring feeling.

Plants and Flowers

If you have plants in the house, you need to make sure that they will be kept in good condition while you’re away. One way is to place them in the garden in a greenhouse if necessary with a watering system to keep them healthy. Alternatively, you can choose plants such as cacti that don’t need a lot of care. They will happily live for a few weeks without water, so they are the perfect type of plant. Outside in the garden, you need to make sure that any trees or large bushes you have are trimmed back. If you don’t, then there is a chance the branches might damage your house, especially if there are high winds.

Heating and Air Conditioning

If you are closing your holiday home up for the winter, then you need to make sure that all of the systems in the house have been prepared for the cold weather. The air conditioning system needs to be serviced and winterized, or it might suffer damage. You can call a professional company such as Clements Air Conditioning who can ensure your unit is ready for the winter months. You also need to make sure that your heating system is checked and serviced ready to be shut down. If you have an open fire, then it is also a good idea to get the chimney swept before you close it down and again before you use it again. Deposits and even sometimes birds can get trapped in the chimney and cause dangerous carbon monoxide to come into the room.


Over the summer and when you are using the holiday home, you will probably come across things that need to be fixed or replaced. If you can, try to get these done while you are staying there, but if that’s not possible, write it down on a list. The list needs to be checked and the repairs made before you close the home for the winter. It could be easier to call a maintenance person to come out and do all the jobs in one go. If you have good neighbors who live nearby, then you might be able to ask them if they can be there when the maintenance person arrives. Having good neighbors is great as you can both help each other out when the others away.

Having somewhere that you can go to relax and enjoy some time off is great, especially if you normally have a fast-paced job. Making sure that your holiday home is kept in good condition means you will be able to carry on coming for vacations for years to come.


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