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Talk About A Beauty-Dionne Wynn

Talk About A Beauty-Dionne Wynn

Brave Beauty with Dionne Wynn

Photo Courtesy of Dionne Wynn Instagram Page

By: Monesha Brewster

Girl, you have that beat. Well, she does though and we’re not just talking about the rhythm in her steps, although she does walk to the beat of her own drum.  We are talking about that “makeup beat”. “Beat” a common slang term referring to fierce makeup that derived from a popular television show back in 2014. However, Dionne has been beating faces for over 20 years. Her host of clientele include major names like; TraceeEllis Ross, Jada Pinkett-Smith, and even Idris Elba, yes you read that correctly. In addition to that, she has also beat faces for a host of television shows and worked on movie sets as well.


Photo Courtesy of Dionne Wynn Instagram Page

As a little girl, Dionne had a love for makeup.  “I was fascinated as a little girl by how the women (my mom and my aunt) in my family applied and wore their makeup considering there were not a lot of products available for women of color”.  Her admiration for beauty stretched to the faces of Lena Horne and Cher. With this passion for beauty that burned inside of her, it’s no surprise that as soon as she got the chance she started doing makeup and putting her talent to the test.  She recounts the early days when she first started, “I started with local celebrities like newscasters and politicians. Then when I started in film I bonded with some of the actors. It felt good that someone would trust me so much with something as important as their face. Their look”.

Fast forward to today, that list has expanded and she is currently blessed to be working with the lovely comedian and actress, Ms. Tiffany Haddish.  Working with celebs is something that most dream about, but this task does come with a major responsibility none the less. “Being behind the scenes is a great privilege. To watch, collaborate, and be a part of the creative process. Whether it be a photo shoot, tv show or film. It’s a lot of moving parts to it. Yes, sometimes I have to sign confidentiality agreements because celebs lives are so much more exposed than ours. They have to protect themselves,” she shared about making sure that you remain professional and respect the privacy of your clients.


“It felt good that someone would trust me so much with something as important as their face. Their look”

We have all heard the horror stories of celebs acting out and being divas. Particular about the candids in their dressing room and such, it makes the outsiders want to know how one really gets to showcase their talents with such a fine and thin line.  Well according to Dionne, you do get a chance to showcase your talent and mix in what they like as well. “I have and have had clients that like a particular look and I have also had clients that would let me freestyle. With my current client Tiffany Haddish, it’s simple because Tiff is a female comedian that freestyles through life, so she’s always open to it”.  CicelyTyson, Dr. Maya Angelou, Loretta Divine, Kerry Washington, Jada Pinkett Smith, Gabrielle Union, Nicole Ari Parker, Kristin Cavallari, Anna Lynn McCord are just a few that she has also had the pleasure of painting in the industry. Now think back to some of those iconic ladies, all unique and different. To be able to showcase her work on all of those ladies truly shows the depth of Dionne’s ability. There are still a few cuties out there Dionne is waiting to slay. “I would love to paint Yara Shahidi or Marsai Martin. Some of the young moguls to be,” she stated are at the top of her list.

“Art is an interpretation of what you visualize.”

There are several people out there that admire the celebs and those beat faces and get discouraged because maybe they feel like their pockets can’t afford that “red carpet glam look,” but when it comes to beauty essentials Dionne has a sure-fire list that is great for any budget. “The five essentials every woman should have in their bag are; mascara, lip balm, brow gel, and sunscreen.” That’s a simple enough list right? Very cost efficient and not to mention that there are several great products that are high end and others that are extremely affordable. When asked about her go-to brand, Dionne shares, “As far as makeup brands go I use what works well. Whether I purchased it in Barney’s or Walgreens.” We hope to pick up a few products made by Dionne Wynne herself in the near future as she did share with Kontrol that she hopes to partner with a brand for product development as well.

“I stay focused in such a competitive industry by only competing with myself and the goals I set.“

Dionne says she also has her sights set to win an Emmy and an Oscar. “I stay focused in such a competitive industry by only competing with myself and the goals I set. I believe everything is a reflection of self. The makeup artist that buys followers usually is focused more on the gains of being instafamous, whatever drives you.” Anything and everything is possible. There are so many people in similar fields that sometimes people feel it is impossible. When it comes to getting involved in the makeup field though, Dionne has a few words on that to share. “Figure out where in makeup you want to be. Set goals to get there. Honesty and dependability will always stand out. Be a trendsetter. Don’t always just do what’s hot. Don’t insult others art. Art is an interpretation of what you visualize.”  These are surely the keys to the kingdom of makeup for her and we hope that these keys unlock many doors for you.


Always remember that things take time and things rarely happen overnight so whether it is your local politician that you are sharing your talent with or you work is on the big screen for the world to see, remember to be beautifully brave and keep the focus.

Photo Courtesy of Dionne Wynn Instagram Page

Follow Dionne on her social media sites www.instagram.com/makeupbydionne


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