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Talking Eating Elephants with Alechia Reese

Talking Eating Elephants with Alechia Reese

Photo Credit: Alechia Reese
Photo Courtesy of Alechia Reese

Everything that glitters is not gold

While in between meetings we had the opportunity to interview the Eating Elephants, Author and Brand Strategist Alechia Reese. As Alechia begin speaking you could feel her warm smile through the phone. However once upon a time, that smile hid the depression she was experiencing her personal life. Back in 2012, Alechia went through a period of deep depression. And while Alechia’s outer appearance exuded that of a confident woman, she was struggling in an abusive relationship and lost her sense of self-worth.

“Be sure you have you together before being with someone else, the best heart you can have is your own.”

At the end of  2012, Alechia decided her presence was no longer needed on this earth and made the decision to commit suicide in early 2013.  As apart of the process Alechia wanted to get her affairs in order in preparation for the date. One of her checklist items was to spend time with her mother creating more good memories before the big day. One evening while attending church she came across a woman that looked on the outside the way she felt on the inside.

“Everything that glitters is not gold. From the outside looking in my life appeared to be perfect.”

Out of darkness there was light

Photo cred: Alechia Reese
Photo Courtesy of Alechia Reese

Alechia decided to mentor this young woman, an experience that would change her life. Helping this young woman impregnated Alechia with purpose. At that point, Alechia realized that she could achieve anything you wanted to in life. Life is an elephant and, “The elephant is what seems impossible, and the only way to eat it is to take it one step, one bite at a time.”

Since that moment Alechia decided to help others. Understanding the importance of relationships not only in business but in her personal life allowed Alechia to pull herself over the obstacles in her life. Alechia leveraged her relationships to assist her with personal and professional projects she has worked on. Alechia contributes her success to her relationships and her ability to be an asset to others.

“It’s difficult to pull yourself over a wall if it’s just you.”

Eating Elephants

Photo cred: Alechia Reese
Photo Courtesy of Alechia Reese

Alechia has taken her Eating Elephants concept and applied it to all areas of her life. She reflected on interviewing Iyanla Vanzant, and how originally it was just a thought in her mind but she knew one day she would get the opportunity. The universe aligned and while hosting the Essence festival one year was presented the opportunity to do just that.

“Don’t speak anything that you don’t want to happen.”

Today Alechia lives a fearless and adventurous life, taking every day as a new opportunity. She recently started her Eating Elephants, podcast to help others struggling with eating the elephants in their lives. Additionally, Alechia has a nonprofit organization, The STEAM Up, dedicated to the success of underserved populations.

Photo Credit: Alechia Reese
Photo Courtesy of Alechia Reese

Fun Fact: Alechia is planning to visit Zimbabwe one day to jump off Victoria Falls, the waterfall is also referred to as one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World.


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