Tamar Braxton can “Let me Know” about her look too!

The talented R and B beauty is back with new music and of course she is still gorgeous. Her new single, “Let me Know” featuring Future is a banger and does not fall short at all. Just like her previous album, Tamar knows her strengths and will continue to slay the industry with her creamy vocals and killer melodies. I still get chills when I hear the song “All the Way Home”. Tamar looks amazing on the cover art for the single. With her blonde tresses, nude lips, and soft/natural makeup, this look is a great one for the singer. Not to mention the sequence one-piece with the belt to keep her waist itty bitty was a great idea. A plunging neck line with right amount of sex appeal enabled this shot to come to life. This track is smooth, cute, and totally Tamar. We are all looking forward to the next album/project.

Jarius Tommillson

On September 20, 1988, a boy was born and deemed to create his own path. He was taught to follow his heart, and never take no for an answer. My name is Jarius and I love everything about hair, make up, nails, fashion, shoes, and most essentially writing. Join me as we voyage to nirvana through the words I write.

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