Tamar Braxton defends Blackface???

So, somebody told country singer Julianne Hough that it would be a great idea to roll up to a Halloween party dress as Suzanne “Crazy Eyes” Warren (played by Uzo Aduba) on the popular Netflix Original series “Orange is the New Black”. The rest of her crew donned orange jumpsuits also, as they were all dressed as Orange Is The New Black characters, but only Julianne had the gall to ‘blacken’ her face.

It seems Tamar Braxton didn’t understand what the big deal was. Speaking to The Morning Buzz she said:

“I am African-American, but I’m just saying… like if you had four tans on top of each other, you know what I’m saying, like the spray tans? That’s what she looks like!”

Braxton also added:

“I think people are on team too much right now, cause it’s Halloween, and you should go dressed as you want to. Would you be offended if I wore a conehead and painted myself white?  I mean, it’s not like you are trying to be racist or offensive or anything like that… “You’re drunk by the time you figure out who people are… It’s not that serious. And what she looks like is definitely not offensive to me. I mean I wouldn’t think nothing of it.”

Interesting viewpoint. But after that hot mess of video –  “Hot Sugar” … can we really trust her judgement? Seriously.

Julianne however, recognized her error in judgment and apologized for the incident via Twitter