Tamar Braxton defends “Hot Sugar” video

I really wanted Tamar Braxton to hurry up and release her “Hot Sugar” video.  Watching Tamar & Vince, we saw her beg and plead for her favorite single off her album to be put out (against husband-ger Vince Herbert’s advice). The video dropped, and we were all dumbfounded by the hot mess of a video.

Let’s be real. It was all off. The dancers were off. The general vibe of the video did not match up to the interpretation of the song. The backlash was immense, which resulted in Tamar publicly blasting the video’s photographers Gomillion and Leupold via Rihanna’s Instagram a few weeks back.


It may be surprising to hear that during an appearance on The Russ Parr Show Tamar had slightly changed her tune and was complimentary of the horrendous visuals.

“I am ecstatic about the video. People have their own opinions about it but you know what? I stand behind my work and if I didn’t believe in it I would have never put it out. If you don’t like it then don’t watch because some people do because cause it got over two million views in less than a week. That’s not losing.”

Regardless, I’m willing to bet that her next video won’t be such a travesty… (No shade but shade).


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