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“Queendom Come!” Tamika Scott Talks New Music & Growing Legacy

“Queendom Come!” Tamika Scott Talks New Music & Growing Legacy

Tamika Scott may be best known as being one of the soulful voices of the female group Xscape,

however she has been balling in the field solo after being a team player, appearing as an artist on a National Football League music soundtrack. In her career, she has received multiple accolades, written several songs, and has several entries into the Top 100 billboards; and that is just a small glimpse of what Tamika Scott has allowed the world to see. She is always giving us little breadcrumbs to follow and discover more of who she really is.

Unsurprisingly, music flows through her gene pool; and not just the soulfulness of singing, but songwriting as well. Her father, Randolph Scott, was in the R&B group in the early 70s, called Scott Three; and penned “Runnin’ Wild” and “Gotta Find a New Love”. “He [her father] was just a musical genius, so you know it had to rub off somehow on his baby girls. Those genes are something [she laughs].” Years later, Tamika and her sister, LaTocha Scott, wrote a number of songs for Xscape.  She is now allowing more of that passion to escape through her fingers soulfully, and the same through voice. “I find my inspiration for songwriting from life experience. When you put that pain and those events into your experience there’s really something amazing there and you create something other people can relate to because it’s so human.”

Tamika Scott for Kontrol Magazine
In 2000, she took a chance to open up more to her inner gift, she had to let it “Xscape.” Tamika has also made a special appearance on the second season of the TV One’s R&B Divas Atlanta, in 2013; then in 2017, Tamika Scott released a single entitled ,“Greatest Gift” featured on Tyler Perry’s “Daddy’s Little Girls.” She then released another single, “Why Did I Get Married?” Since then Scott has been acting in stage plays,  and has continued a partnership with TV One again; with several appearances on their show “Sister Circle.”

Tamika Scott For Kontrol Magazine
Following her reunion with Xscape; on March 25th of this year, Tamika released her first solo project with the leading single, “Tonite”.  She soon followed the single with another more inspirational track ,“Almost Over,” and released the official video late August.  The video features her husband, Darnell; who is getting his “Kirk Franklin on” Tamika adds. “Yes it’s a family affair my husband, best friend, bodyguard all in one is in there showing some love [she laughs].”

Being blessed with the gift of voice through song is an amazing gift in itself. When she unwraps her gift, it’s a present to ears all around. On Halloween of this year. this was not a trick, but it was a treat! We anticipated the goons and goblins but not to sit down with a legend.

Tamika Scott For Kontrol Magazine
We were very excited about this interview. I was nervous as hell. I was better prepared. I had all my questions ready, but in my excitement I spilled coffee on my notes. I was telling Tamika how better prepared I was with my notes but I spilled coffee. Then she exclaimed “I used to tell my teacher that in school!”

At the beginning of the year, Tamika knew she wanted to do her EP, “Family Affair”,  a family talented featured album. She reveals the album is almost done, and is only waiting on one more song to be mastered. O’Shun Wilson, Tamika’s oldest child, blessed the album with her beautiful voice. “She has an amazing voice–she gets it from her mama [she laughs]–but my baby can blow. That’s the little one I was carrying when they first tried to X me from the group [Xscape] so many years ago. Wait ’til they hear her now!” Tamika bashfully went onto reveal she added a new role to her life! “I’m A Glam-Mom,” yes my daughter has a baby of her own, I’m a young grandmother…I love it, the legacy is just growing and continuing.” Also on “Family Affair” are R&B legends from the groups “112” and” Next, Q Parker and RL, respectively. “They are such good guys and great singers, it was just a no-brainer working with them…I’ve always had great friendships and working relationships with them so it’s all love for those brothers…”

Tamika’s most inspirational song is undoubtedly, “Almost Over,” a single she also wrote herself.  “It’s an inspirational song. To try to encourage people to dance through their storm. Because a lot of people go through things and some people don’t know how to go through them. But I want to teach them how to with a smile on their face knowing that you are going to get through it. Once you get through it you are going to be a winner. You’re gonna, you’re gonna, whatever it is you’re going through. You are going to be alright after the end of the storm.” There are so many uplifting words in this song song. It will truly touch your inner soul.

As aforementioned Tamika had to face the harsh realities of stardom while being a single mother. When she was pregnant with her first child at the beginning of her music career. However, she knew she wanted to be a mom and also a businesswoman, which her music career ties into with her record label, “It’s So So!”

It’s So So is definitely a “family affair,” connecting with her also musically gifted husband Darnell Winston, (AKA “RoboCop”) created Brolic Entertainment in partnership with Twenty Two Recordings, and signed her younger daughter, Taniyah, better known as “Young Niyah”, who is also the first artist signed to their record label. “My daughter will be the first artist off the label. Then I will be the second artist.” Tamika spoke to volumes to me, she is a true mom and entrepreneur…Mom and a businesswoman…Empowering and loving–a Mompreneur!

We at Kontrol support Mompreneurs and women who desire, and require, to have it ALL! If you are facing adversity or are feeling like nothing good will happen for you. We have a nugget of wisdom for you; it will not last forever and that it is almost over. If you don’t believe me, then let Tamika Scott’s words from “Almost Over” will help you: “Throw your hands to the sky, lift your head up high; the storm is almost over. Everything’s gonna work out in your favor, you don’t have to worry no more. What you’re going through won’t last, it’s a test to take you higher. Just keep the faith, hold on, believe. The storm is almost over.” 

Tamika Scott will have her album release party on December 12th, at the City Winery. If you want to experience the soulful release and to take an amazing escape click HERE for more information.  “When we hear our calling, we have let it escape…. don’t want to have to keep fighting these feelings…. group them all together…. watch them escape…. singing from the soul…. call it Xscape…. I’m here for it…. I got an ear for it…. “

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