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Tammy Rivera explains why Joseline Hernandez attacked her

Tammy Rivera explains why Joseline Hernandez attacked her

By now we have all watched the crazy reunion of Love and Hip Hop Atlanta. And i’m sure no one expected Joseline Hernandez to attack her fellow  co-star Tammy Rivera at the recent reunion taping, least of all Rivera herself. But now that she’s weeks removed from the heated fight, Rivera recently reflected on her battle with Hernandez and claimed that the attack was brought on by Hernandez’s jealousy.

In an interview with VH1, Rivera explains her shock about Hernandez attacking her and then claims that the Puerto Rican princess is jealous of her.

“She just looked at me with this rage, like a jealousy, just like ‘Oh b—- you sittin’ pretty; let me come try to f— you up.’ And don’t get me wrong, I don’t give a f— how pretty I’m sitting, a b—- ain’t gonna swing on me and Tammy not gonna get up and get to knock ‘em back. Once she swung and as soon as I got up on my feet, I start tagging her a– back. Like one thing you’re not gonna do is come for me. And the reason I got so enraged was because, everyone saw from the season, me and Joseline’s beef was never that serious. It was not that serious for her to want to try to hit me for a conversation that happened months ago. You called me a broke b—-; I called you a bum b—- we argue. That was that,” Rivera said.

Rivera goes on to say that Hernandez is insecure and is threatened by any beautiful and successful woman.

“We never had any interaction. I’ve never seen this girl, never called this girl. We never bumped heads. There was never communication between us. Ever. That’s why it was either some type of drug, or she had so much envy sitting in her, for her to come attack me like that. What did I do to her? I never did anything to her. I’m not intimidated by pretty women. I’m not intimidated by a b—- that got [sic] her s— together. I feel like, the more, the merrier. I think what Joseline’s situation is she doesn’t like herself. For a woman to feel that they have to attack other women or come for other women, it’s because you really are insecure about yourself,” Rivera said.

Well, that was a mouth full for sure.  Hernandez would never agree with Rivera’s assessment of her flaws, but we all know that Hernandez truly has anger management issues. Will the show do something about this or will it just be brushed under the rug as always? Will her co-stars take a stand and not film with her? What are your thoughts?


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