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Tanisha Thomas Cover Kontrol & Dishes on New Ventures, Old Rumors, & Being “F.A.T.!”

Tanisha Thomas Cover Kontrol & Dishes on New Ventures, Old Rumors, & Being “F.A.T.!”

Some say love is the most powerful force in the universe. Honestly, they are right! In the name of love, and all its different forms; all there ever was, and all there ever will be, flow with universal harmony.  Perhaps the most powerful aspect of love is its ability to change things for the best by adding the desire and will to do better, be better, and want better. Well when it comes to former Bad Girls Club cast member and television host, Tanisha Thomas, love, growth, and positivity is what she is all about. Sure, she was introduced to the world as a wisecracking, bad ass, loud mouthed diva; but honestly she is now so much more and ready to show the world. With a new look, new business ventures, and true love in her life; 2016 is truly shaping up to be the year of Tanisha Thomas.

Tanisha Thomas Covers Kontrol Magazine
Tanisha Thomas Covers Kontrol Magazine

It is needless to say that we LOVE Tanisha Thomas. Being around her is like being at epicenter of the world’s biggest party—always a good time and never a dull moment! Still, Ms. Thomas knows that her grind is her bread and butter. We have watched her host the various Bad Girls Club competitions and even seen her as a talk show host on Oxygen’s Crazy Talk. Even still there is more to her than meets the eye or repertoire as she also has a new book and plus-size fashion line debuting this year! Tanisha’s book, a memoir, Diary of a F.A.T. Girl details her life as someone in the public eye. To outsiders she seems to have it all, but she reveals her own struggles with self-acceptance, weight issues, being outspoken and finding “The One;” all the while dealing with the demise of her marriage and her father’s death. “I’m really excited about my new book! I feel like it’s something a lotta people can relate to. Check this, a lot of women are insecure about their looks, weight, and then their dating lives are screwed up as well…You know it’s bad out here when you can’t even find a man to pay for dinner…I’m like c’mon we gotta do better…but it’s [the book] directly from my heart…the ‘F.A.T.” is stands for ‘Fed up And Tired’ because that’s where I was with everything! I’m glad to say that by the Grace of God I’ve pulled through, but you gotta check the book out to see how it all came together.”  You can purchase Diary of a F.A.T. Girl on Amazon.

There seems to be nothing Tanisha cannot do. However, we love seeing her shine on television. The girl has a knack for hosting, which is why were surprised to find she was no longer on Crazy Talk. Naturally, rumors swirled that the star had been fired from the hit show for some rude behind the scenes drama with the staff and network. Tanisha quickly squashes those rumors. “Lemme tell you something. In 2016 I want people to stop with the rumors and lies. It’s ridiculous. Nothing bad happened between me and the show. You know I started on it and was happy to do it with the interviews and everything, but they changed up the format and direction of the show with the clips and I wasn’t feeling it anymore. We [she and the network, Oxygen] departed on good terms. I still feel the show is great and that Ben Aaron is doing a great job…so there’s nothing juicy or crazy going on.”

Tanisha Thomas Covers Kontrol Magazine
Tanisha Thomas Covers Kontrol Magazine

Trying to check all that is Tanisha Thomas off in a box is like trying to count the grains of sand on a sun baked beach—IMPOSSIBLE! This amazing lady continues to prove she is so much more than as she stated “a big girl with a bad attitude.” “2016 is going to be my year! I’m claiming it, I’m feeling it…God has really been working on me and I’m ready to show the world the new Tanisha Thomas…” Indeed Tanisha is new, not just with her more positive and no less upbeat nature, but she has recently lost some serious weight! She was already beautiful, but now she is truly breathtaking. “Well I lost the weight for my well-being. I wanted to be healthier, have more energy, live longer…I went to the doctor for a routine physical exam and they pretty much told me I was borderline diabetic…there are seven points on a diabetic scale before they diagnose you as diabetic and I was at 6.7! So pretty much I was already there…I decided then I had to get my life together…I started exercising and dieting for a good minute—not doing anything drastic with my food, but just making better choices because I still love my meals at the end of the day (she laughs)…I just did stuff like eating more lean meats, vegetables, and fruit…for example I’d eat a turkey burger and have a side salad instead of your traditional beef burger and fries and I started resting more and drinking a lot more water…at first I didn’t see a difference but then it just all started melting away…I lost thirty pounds at first and then fifty…I was like am I okay? (She laughs)” Tanisha’s noticeable weight loss is more self-love than anything. She admits she only did it for herself and not the pressures society places on plus-sized women to be smaller. “I’m still not where I want to be, but I love myself…Like I said for me it is about being healthy not somebody’s sex symbol or video vixen—not that there’s anything wrong with that (she laughs) a sistah does like to look good!”

Just be sure you keep up on this diva and her antics by following her on social media on Twitter @Tanisha_DaDiva  and Instagram @iamtanishathomas! And make sure you pick up the new issue at your latest Barnes and Nobles Febuary 15th

Written By: Michael “Hey Mikey” Fanning

Tanisha wears Ashley Stewart Dress on the cover and a purple Monif C jumpsuit 

Shot by Jonavennci Divad

Styled by Julian Lark and Ashley Loewen

Make up by Latrice Johnson

Hair by Theo Barrett


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