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Taoray Wang ‘Enlightenment Empress’ at NYFW

An Empress has arisen at New York Fashion Week at the Spring Studios.

With the launch of their Autumn/Winter 2018 collection, TAORAY WANG dresses the powerful feminist of today. Our millennial fashionistas are going to change the outlook of clothing and style for corporate workwear. TAORAY WANG combines the classic with the modern, and East with West.



Unveiling their Autumn/Winter 2018 runway show on Saturday, February 19, 2018.

TAORAY WANG entitled Enlightenment Empress is inspired by Catherine the Great, Empress of Russia. The country’s longest-ruling female leader who transformed herself through determination to rule the world’s largest empire. The Enlightenment Empress reinterprets the symbol of feminine power. Gracefully transforming feminine epaulets detailing and the softening of bold lines that embody the tenacity of the modern woman. This fantastic collection explores the relationship the monarch has as a patron of the arts, culture, and education.

Designer Wang Tao hailed as “the Queen of the Suit” is one of the most accomplished designers and pioneer of contemporary Chinese women’s fashion. One of Asia’s most successful female entrepreneurs, TAORAY WANG is known for fine tailoring, chic silhouettes, and exceptional textiles.

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The Enlightenment Empress showcases a collection of peek-a-boo details of slits, eyelets, lace and fringe trimmings. Glimmer all day in a velvet power suit, or stand against the stigma to wear red all day long. Along with the bold lines, fabrics, and linings, the neutral color palette was perfect for pops of color.

The TAORAY WANG collection is sold exclusively to clients in Asia, Europe, and the US. In addition, the brand is scheduled to open its first US store and showroom in New York City’s Soho next year.


All photos courtesy of Taoray Wang

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